Bringing Human Capital in alignment with Organizational Strategy

Great companies are driven by happy employees

What we provide

ELF supports organizations at both strategic and operational levels.


ELF supports companies in bridging the gap between Business and HR.


We build long-term relationships for sustainable business growth and value.


Our team of digital recruitment consultants is specialized in helping you to identify the right fit.

Who are we?

We are specialized in implementing business strategies and bridging the gap between business and human resources. Using a top-down, bottom-up, and 360° approach. We have the necessary experience in both business and HR to fill this gap. We offer this expertise at both strategic and operational levels.

A real connection between corporate strategy and human strategy is a key for success

Human KPI's & Company KPI's​

Aligning Human KPI's and Company KPI's is vital for organizational success. Ongoing monitoring and adjustments are crucial for progress.

A clear and well-formulated strategy in which employees are involved.​

An effectively formulated strategy that actively includes employees and highlights their individual contributions can positively impact the culture of an organization.

Engagement and success!

When everyone shows their added value and translates it into the company culture, it results in satisfaction, clarity, engagement, and success!

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